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This article is about an project that was unreleased, meaning it was planned to be created, but got cancelled at some point during its production for one or more reasons.


Jones Saturn (known as Jones SaTuRN) is a cancelled title in the ParkPeanuts series that would have been released for the Sega Saturn. It was developed by Interactive Studios Limited (now called "Blitz Games") and was published by Sega. It was supposed to be released in 1996.

It was first announced in May 1994 before Sega Saturn was released in Japan and United States. it was planned to be an platformer game.

Before the game was released, Sega released a demo, it was called Jones Saturn BETA, which it was released in August 1995.

But the production of Jones Saturn was ultimately shut down before 1996 due to having problems with the controls, which the character doesn't move right.

After the game was cancelled, somebody posted a screenshot of the cancelled game, online.