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Washed Up
WixBerries Washed Up

WixBerries Washed Up

Production Information
Distributor LoganaWixel&GarfieldFTW BojFTL
Country United States
Language English
Directors Harrison M. Aguiluz
Release Information
Theatrical Release October 20, 2017
November 23, 2017 (Youtube Release)
Runtime 15 minutes
Age Rating PG
Washed Up (otherwise known as The Washing Machine Monster) is a short film created by Logana Wixel. It is also a pilot and the first episode of WixBerries.


The story starts as Winter Bear was sitting in the bench until Otto showed up. He told him he wanted to show him something. He snatched him and put him inside a washing machine. Along with the lads. Two 12 year old boys named Koopa and Diddy had a plan to stop Otto. Before that, all they did is ran away from him just to not get trapped inside just like the others. Otto hired a guard to find these two (known as these two idiots). But every time they get away, it make everything more difficult. Then Koopa and Diddy got into the laundry cart and make Otto so steamed. As soon, they jumped and the guard smashed into a wall. He was willing to tell Otto about the incident. When Koopa and Diddy was outside, Otto disguise himself as Cutie Bear and The guard as Superman. Then, Koopa and Diddy ran from them and hide at a discount place and sat at the couch. Then as came back, Koopa distract Otto and wanted to find him. Diddy unlocked the machine and everyone got out. The guard scream and was worried that Otto was going to punish him until he told Otto the monkey let them out. (which was Diddy Kong) Then Otto caught him and dared him to fall off the top of the vending machine. Koopa got him before he hitted the ground. They named themself "DiddyKoopa". Winter Bear got super powers and fought Otto. Then, Otto went inside the Pepsi Machine and disappeared. Then, The lad wanted Gain to clean the world. Koopa hugged Winter Bear. We're back with Otto in the dark. After he ranted, a weird creature slapped him and hurled at him. The video ends


The film was released as a pilot for WixBerries on October 20, 2017 and published on Youtube on November 23, 2017.